Artemis(Lite/Premium) is an Archery Scoring and Analysis App for your Android™ phone or tablet. It is the only App for both the serious Archer and Coach that will help you in improving your archery game

Record your score in a fast and intuitive way.

With ArtemisLite, you don't need to waste a lot of time entering your shots. A few simple moves and clicks with a single finger or thumb is enough to place all your arrows.

Many different modes, target faces, distances and rounds

Training versus competition mode. Create custom trainings sessions. Distances in both metric and imperial units and different scoring and many target faces are supported. All FITA and WorldArchery target and field faces, as well as IFAA and NFAA target faces are supported.

ArtemisLite is used by Team Netherlands during WorldCups, European Championships and World Championships over the last few years. World class archers like Mike Schloesser, Peter Elzinga, Sjef van den Berg, Irina Marcovic, Inge Enthoven and many more are using it in competition, training and tuning.

Add extra information about each shot

Arrow position on the target face and thus its score, but also the order in which each arrow was shot, the identification of each arrow and also a shot rating. Was the shot badly executed or just perfect. The rating can be used later on in analysis or directly in the real-time advisory functions.

real-time advice on when and how to adjust your sight

Get real-time advice on when and how to adjust your sight. An advanced system is monitoring the trend of your shots and will raise an alert when and exactly how much you need to adjust your sight.

ArtemisLite will gain you extra points.

Another advanced system is monitoring your arrows' performance. If an arrow is getting inconsistent results and not grouping as well as the others, an alert is raised so the arrow can be checked.


Best part of the Artemis(Premium) app is its ability to analyse many different aspects of the sport. Sure, every archer wants to keep track of their performance, so graphs like scoring in time can be generated. But will this make a better archer? How about shooting volume in time, plotting different group sizes for different setups or tunings or plotting the different groups sizes and positions of certain arrows or certain shots. For example, comparing all first shots in each end to all last shots in each end. See a trend? 

Archery has become a game of statistics!

there specific arrows with inconsistent grouping compared with the rest of your arrow-set. Is there an optimum shot sequence timing? These are questions which Artemis(Premium) is able to answer. Archery has become a game of statistics! 

A nice example Example: What can we learn from shooting order?!

Compare different bows, arrows and setups

ArtemisLite supports different bows, sights, setups and arrow-sets. Create as many as you like and compare their performances. For coaches; create different setups for each of your athletes and keep them in a single database or create a database for each of your athletes and share these databases with them.

Time your shot sequence

With ArtemisLite, the coach or trainer can time the shot sequence of the athlete. This information will be stored with the shot details and can later be used to analyse and perhaps find a relationship between shots that took too long and their scoring value. Does the archer change rithm during competition compared to his/her training?

Share the results

Share the database between archer and coach, or share screenshots of a personal record on Facebook, and email the scorecards including for each end a target face with the shots position. All within a few clicks.