ArtemisLite is an Archery Scoring and Analysis App for your Android™ phone or tablet. It is the only App for both the serious Archer and Trainer/Coach that will help you in improving your archery game to the best of your abilities. There are many apps thats can simply track your archery score, but ArtemisLite does much, much more. Artemis' advanced shot analysis will be a vital addition to your game.

Record your score in a fast and intuitive way.

With ArtemisLite, you don't need to waste a lot of time entering your shots. A few simple moves and clicks with a single finger or thumb is enough to place all your arrows.

Many different modes, target faces, distances and rounds

Training versus competition mode. Create your own trainings sessions with any number of ends and any number of arrows per end. Distances in both metric and imperial units and scoring, and many different target faces are supported. All FITA and WorldArchery target and field faces, as well as IFAA and NFAA target faces are supported.

ArtemisLite has been used during WorldCups and the World Championships 2013 by the Team of the Netherlands

Add extra information about each shot

Arrow position on the target face and score are obvious. The order in which you have shot each arrow, and the identification of each arrow on the target is supported as well. You can also give a rating to each shot. Was the shot badly executed or just perfect. The rating can be used in later analysis and will be used in the real-time advisory functions. For example, bad rated shots will be exempted from the sight advisor, so you don't get an advice based on a badly shot arrow.

real-time advice on when and how to adjust your sight

Get real-time advice on when and how to adjust your sight during your competition. An advanced system is monitoring the trend of your shots and will alert you (based on the level of accuracy that your are demonstrating) when and how much you need to change your sight to get your group in the center and stay there.

ArtemisLite will gain you extra points.

A second advanced system is monitoring your arrows' performance. If an arrow is getting inconsistent results, you will get a real-time advice to check that particular arrow for inconsistencies (e.g. you might have hit the nock, and didn't notice the small crack, the arrow was hit and now slightly bend, etc.)


Best part of the ArtemisLite app is its ability to analyse the many different aspects of the sport. Sure, as an archer you want to keep track of your performance on different distances and rounds and thats why you can plot your scores in time. But will you become a better archer with that knowledge? How about plotting the different groups sizes and positions of every first arrow in each end that you shoot compared with every last arrow of each end that you have shot? See a trend? 

Archery has become a game of statistics!

Is there a specific arrow with inconsistent grouping compared with the rest of your arrow-set. Do you have an optimum shot sequence timing? These are questions which ArtemisLite is able to answer. Archery has become a game of statistics! In fact, archery always has been a game of statistics. Archers and their coaches have always fumbled around with pen and paper (or even worse; gut feeling) trying to record a session and get the best tuning or setup based on those scribbles. 

A nice example Example: What can we learn from shooting order?!

Compare different bows, arrows and setups

ArtemisLite supports different bows, sights, setups and arrowsets. Create as many as you like and compare their performances. For coaches; create setups for each of your athletes and keep them in a single database or create a database for each of your athletes and share these databases with them.

Time your shot sequence

ArtemisLite enables lets the coach or trainer to time the shot sequence of their athletes. This information will be stored with the shot details and can later be used to analyse and perhaps find a relationship between shots that took too long and their scoring value. Does your archer slow down during competition compared to his/her training?

Share your results

Share your database with your coach/trainer, or share screenshots of your latest personal record on Facebook or email your scorecards, all with only a few clicks.