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About vApeldoorn

Artemis, the Athlete monitor, Arrows and the Balance Trainer system are all actively developed by Marcel van Apeldoorn. He started recurve archery in 1991 and joined the Netherlands archery team in 1995 and had a short international career. He now holds the position of head coach of the Compound Team of the Netherlands and is also a member of the World Archery Coach Committee. He represented the Netherlands at World Championships, the European Games, European Championships and other indoor and outdoor international events as competitor and coach more than 30 times. During his career he has worked with World- and European Champions and medalists, World cup winners, Team and mixed team champions and many other top archers and coaches.

In his professional life he has a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds a position as Senior Research and Development Engineer in the domain of Air-Traffic-Control systems, Software Development, Analysis and Design, Human factors and Training in ATC at NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre.

He uses his experience as an archer, coach and professional sofware developer to create apps and systems that will benefit the archery community.

"My idea for an archery scoring app dates as far back as 1997, when the first Palm Pilot III was introduced. I was a student, international archer and computer geek and had the time and know-how to create an App for my Palm Pilot III and Tungsten T2.

When Android was introduced, I bought the first Google phone on the market and started to develop software for it. The first App that I released in the Google Play store in January 2011 was Arrows. At the same time I started the development of Artemis and its first upload in Google Play was in October 2011.

Currently Artemis has been installed more than 30.000 times and is actively used by many top-archers and top-coaches in countries all over the world. The feedback and help I get from them is very valuable.

Probably one of the coolest things is that I've been involved in helping several National Teams in using Artemis to monitor the progress of their high-performance teams, in raw scoring performance but also the mental and physical well-being of all their athletes."

Marcel van Apeldoorn
Jan 3rd, 2021