Question: "What are the three most important features of perfect archery form?"

Answer: "Balance, balance ..... and balance!"


Standing is the human position in which the body is held in an upright position and supported only by the feet. This position looks static, but in reality is not. The body is moving (body sway) forward and backwards. Archers use visual, proprioceptic (feeling) and vestibular feedback-loops to control this inherent unstable position . And there are also external disturbances such as wind and wind gusts that add to this instability as well.


The archer’s body needs to be as stable as possible.


The Wii Balanceboard can accurately detect movements of the body center-of-gravity. This, in combination with the Archery Balance Trainer software provides the archer and coach with an efficient tool for training exercises tailored for archery balance training. With the audio and rumble feedback provided by the system, archers can practice keeping and correcting their balance and also train their muscles and central nervous system to quickly and efficiently detect and react to external disturbances like wind and wind gusts. Also, archers can check the consistency of their shooting form, by comparing the center-of-gravity movements from one shot to the other.

The Archery Balance Trainer is the tool for advanced archery training!

 This short video gives an impression of the system.