Artemis(Lite) is a very advanced tool and can be quite challenging. To get the most out of it, read the extensive User Manual. The manual is available in French thanks to Frédéric Michel and now also available in German, thanks to Marcel Friedauer.

There are also articles (2..3 pages each) where some specific function/use is explained in detail.

Archer's Skill Level; A very mathematical article on the theory behind the Archer's Skill Level model.

Dare-2-dream; an article on the dare-2-dream functionality in Artemis.

Preparing for the Rio Olympics; an article describing the best arrow selection procedure used by Italian head-coach Wietse van Alten and his Olympic archer David Pasqualucci.

Sight advice; an article on the ins and outs of the sight advice function, and how you as an archer can benefit from it at lot.

WA ruling on plotting software; an article on the World Archery ruling about the use of plotting software, and our interpretation on whether or not you are allowed to use Artemis in World Archery competitions

Monitoring and prevention of over-training; an article on the monitoring and overtraining prevention functions in Artemis, and how to use them

Heartrate monitoring and stress detection; an article on the heartrate monitoring function (using a Polar H7 chestband) and its possibilities to detect mental stress. 

Arrow speed measurements; an article on how to setup and use the arrow speed measurement function in Artemis.


Download this file (ArchersSkillLevel.pdf)Archers Skill Level[Technical Article]775 kB
Download this file (Arrow-speed-measurements.pdf)Arrow speed measurements[Article]844 kB
Download this file (ARTEMIS Manuel FR.pdf)ArtemisLite/Premium/Coached User Manual (FRENCH)[User Manual]6255 kB
Download this file (ArtemisLite - The Green Articles.pdf)The Green Articles[A collection of Articles on the Advanced use of Artemis]3301 kB
Download this file (ArtemisUserManual_Deutsch.pdf)ArtemisLite/Premium/Coached User Manual (GERMAN) [User Manual]8014 kB
Download this file (Dare-2-dream.pdf)Dare-2-Dream[Article]433 kB
Download this file (Monitoring and prevention of over-training.pdf)Monitoring and Prevention of Over-Training[Article]678 kB
Download this file (Preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympics.pdf)Preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympics[Article]663 kB
Download this file (Sight Advice.pdf)Sight Advice[Article]937 kB
Download this file (Stress.pdf)Heartrate and Stress monitoring[Article]824 kB
Download this file (UserManual.pdf)ArtemisLite/Premium/Coached User Manual (ENGLISH)[User Manual]9116 kB
Download this file (WA-ruling-on-sight-advice.pdf)World Archery ruling on Sight-Advice software[Article]482 kB