Now perform the following steps;

  1. The downloaded image unzips to 16Gb so make sure you have at least this amount of free disk space).
  2. Download and install Win32 Disk Imager from this link:
  3. Unzip the SdCard image
  4. Plug the SdCard into an SdCard slot or adaptor for your PC.
  5. Run the unzipped Win32DiskImager.exe application (may just be shown as Win32DiskImager depending on your windows settings)
    1. Ensure the correct driver letter is selected for the SD card – double check this is right in Windows Explorer as Win32DiskImager will overwrite the entire drive without warning if the wrong drive is selected!
    2. Select the unzipped image file.
    3. Press Write and wait for the program to write the operating system onto the SD card. If the iwi32diskimager complains the image is too big to fit on your 16Gb SD card, just continue anyway. The last part of the image is empty anyway.
  6. Once the writing is done plug the SD card into the Raspberry Pi 2B or Pi 3 and power it up

Question: "What are the three most important features of perfect archery form?"

Answer: "Balance, balance ..... and balance!"


Standing is the human position in which the body is held in an upright position and supported only by the feet. This position looks static, but in reality is not. The body is moving (body sway) forward and backwards. Archers use visual, proprioceptic (feeling) and vestibular feedback-loops to control this inherent unstable position . And there are also external disturbances such as wind and wind gusts that add to this instability as well.


The archer’s body needs to be as stable as possible.


The Wii Balanceboard can accurately detect movements of the body center-of-gravity. This, in combination with the Archery Balance Trainer software provides the archer and coach with an efficient tool for training exercises tailored for archery balance training. With the audio and rumble feedback provided by the system, archers can practice keeping and correcting their balance and also train their muscles and central nervous system to quickly and efficiently detect and react to external disturbances like wind and wind gusts. Also, archers can check the consistency of their shooting form, by comparing the center-of-gravity movements from one shot to the other.

The Archery Balance Trainer is the tool for advanced archery training!

 This short video gives an impression of the system.

SdCard image for Raspberry Pi 2B / Pi 3 

Download 16Gb SdCard image

Note that the file is on my public Google Drive. First Google drive complains about not being able to show an example (Duh.... It's an SdCard image) and then Google Drive complains about not being able to scan this file for virusses (Duh.... It's 2.4Gb). Just download and have your own virusscanner scan it.

Distribution Link

Version 2-1, Raspbarian for Raspberry Pi 2+ or 3



The Balance Trainer comes in two different forms;

  1. As a complete ready-to-run hardware box called the Balance Trainer System.
  2. As a do-it-yourself micro SD Card image for a Raspberry Pi 2B or 3B

To use the Balance Trainer (in any of the above forms), you also need:

  • An original Nintendo Wii Balanceboard
  • A Nintendo Wiimote or equivalent
  • A Computer screen with HDMI input and HDMI cable
  • A standard 5V 2A micro USB power supply (not if you install on your own Linux laptop)

1. Balance Trainer System (175,- Euro)

The Archery Balance Trainer System consists of a Raspberry Pi 2B in a small black housing. In one of the 4 USB ports, a Bluetooth dongle is installed. The micro SD Card reader of the Raspberry contains a micro SD Card with the operating system and the Balance Trainer software.

Installation of the Balance Trainer system is straightforward;

  1. Connect the computer screen via the HDMI cable to the Balance Trainer box
  2. Connect a USB mouse (wired, or through a dongle)
  3. Connect the 5V 2A micro USB power plug (the system will boot up immediately)

 Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

2. Raspberry Pi 2B SdCard image (Free evaluation, License 90,- Euro)

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

The Archery Balance Trainer User manual!

Version 2.1 is out!



Download this file (ABT_Manual_2_1_ITA.pdf)User Manual ITA[Archery Balance Trainer - User Manual ITA]2022 kB
Download this file (manual.pdf)User Manual[Archery Balance Trainer - User Manual - v2-1]1734 kB