To use the Archery Balance Trainer software on your own Linux system, you need a laptop with Linux and a Bluetooth adapter (internal or external USB Bluetooth dongle), an original Nintendo Wii Balanceboard and a Nintendo Wiimote (or equivalent). The Archery Balance Trainer software can be downloaded from this site. Note that this software needs to run on Linux. Most Linux Desktop installations have everything you need, except for Tcl/Tk, bwidget and Bluetooth packages. Installation depends on your choice of Linux. Note that you install the correct version of Tcl/Tk (see the download section).

sudo apt-get install tk8.5 (or tk8.6)
sudo apt-get install tcl8.5 (or tcl8.6)
sudo apt-get install bwidget
sudo apt-get install bluetooth

Should do the trick.



Download the correct file,

and unpack it

tar xvfz <file>


Try it out

This software is not free! You can check if your hardware setup works and then have to purchase a pincode for the software to continue working!

Start with


To evaluate how the software works: Go to File menu and select Emulation. Now the software can be used, but the Wii balanceboard and Wiimote connection will be emulated.

To check if your own hardware works: Go to File menu and select Connect. The first time you get a dialog requesting a Pin code. Use 1234 as Pin! You can now pair the two devices with your laptop. If successful, you have 30 seconds to make sure the signals of both devices are received (just move the WiiMote and slightly press one of the Wii Balanceboard's feet).

An unlimited fully working PIN can be purchased from the developer upon request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you have made a mistake in the Connection setup (or the PIN). Go to Help and select Reset Pin.