Another example of what kind of analysis is possible with ArtemisLite. This is a real-life example! One archer (Recurve Woman) shot the qualification round at the World Cup Wroclaw in Poland in 2013.

All shots have been recorded in shooting order. The qualification round was a 1440 round, so the 144 arrows were recorded on 4 different distances (70m, 60m, 50m and 30m) each distance in 6 ends of 6 arrows. Artemis is able to compute where all shots would have landed, if shot at 70m, so let's look at all these shots on a single 70m target face. See the image on the left.

In the view on the left, it looks like the archer might have set the sight not accurately enough, but is that the real problem?

In the Analyse tab, the so-called Multi-View can be used to show other patterns. Let's plot all first shot arrows of each end in a single target face, then all 2nd shot arrows of each end in a single target face, etc. until all last shot arrows in each end on a sixth target face. The result of this is shown in the image on the right.

The Multi-view clearly shows a trend; the archer is starting each end on average in the center of the target face (so no sight issue there!) but slowly creeps to the lower left during the end of 6 arrows. This is consistent throughout the 4 distances that have been shot. Not a sight issue then!? How and why this happens and how to solve it is left to the archer and coach, but it does show the strength of an analysis tool such as ArtemisLite.