ArtemisLite lets you compare your archery performance before and after you make a change. This change can be anything you like to change, and is worth writing down so you can later compare performances in a before/after comparison. It could be a technical change in your shooting form, a habitual change, different clothing/footwear, different preparation/nutrition, etc. A change becomes effective at some date. Later on, you can use a filter to select shots before and after your (form)change and review if it gives you a performance benefit.

See the example below, where a change of finger hooking (especially the third finger was gripped a bit deeper) is introduced. In the Archer tab (1), a new Form-Change is created (2). Write down everything important about the form change. Now start training your ass off... After a week (or more) and some 500 arrows you create two filters; one filter selecting all shots before the change and one filter selecting all the shots after the change (3), press analysis and look at the results (4)


1) Go to the Archer tab

2) Select Form-Changes and add a new Form-Change

3) In the Analysis tab, create a new form filter for each before and after the form change

4) Review the results of your form-change


It looks like a simple addition to the app, but it actually is very useful. There are a lot of things that will help you become a better archer or get a higher score. Anything from nutrition, clothing, footwear, mental state and preparation. All these things have nothing to do with the setup of your bow (although you could write them down in Setup), it's all about the archer! What did you change about yourself, and did it work???