ArtemisLite comes in several licenses, a Free version, a Premium version, a Coached version and a Pro-Staff version. Everyone can download the App and start in Free mode (ArtemisLite) for an unlimited time. You can use the Upgrade-to-Premium menu item in the main Help menu to upgrade your version to Premium. Upgrading from Free to Premium will cost around €8 (or about $9 or equivalent in other countries). Upgrading from Pemium to Coached cost around €6 (or about $7 or equivalent in other countries).

The prices are about the same as a couple of nocks, some sticks of hot melt and only a fraction of one single new arrow, but you will get a lot of extra functions that will make you an even better archer.

Although the Free version is quite capable of helping the archer and/or coach in their training and competition, it is the Premium version that will unleash all of your archery potential. The Coached version is well suited if you have a personal coach doing all the analysis for you. A comparison of Free vs upgrades is given below.

The Pro-Staff version can only be unlocked with a developer key.

Main Features Free Version
Premium Version

Coached Version

Pro-Staff Version
Create multiple Bows, Sights and Setups
Create multiple Arrowsets or Quivers
Plot your scores
Add rating and timing to each of your shots
Create multiple Arrowsets or Quivers
Analyze your group and trend
Analyze individual arrow grouping
Keep track of important Form-Changes
Create rounds
Create existing matches for training and competition
World Archery, FITA, Field, IFAA and NFAA target faces on metric and imperial distances
Real-time sight advise  
Real-time arrow advise  
Sjef's arrow selector  
Sight setting estimation  
In-depth Analysis on tuning, form-changes, grouping, comparisons, graphs, etc.  
Backup and restore your database using Google Drive or Dropbox  
Manage multiple archers.  
Create and answer self-assessment questionaires for mental and physical performance tracking    
Synchronize your database with your Coach using Google Drive    
Includes AdMob advertisements.      
Includes nag screen if more than 2000 shots have been recorded