What happened?

On December 8th 2019, Google updated the way apps - like Artemis - can access Google Drive. Rules have changed and have become more secure. This is good news for the user, but also resulted in some challenges for Artemis.

Who's affected?

Artemis users that regularly save their database to Google Drive (in Premium version) and Artemis users that share their databases with their coach (in Coached versions). In a few rare cases, these users may experience problems saving their database to Google Drive. When attempting to save, the file-browser only allows to save a local on-device file, or the file-browser does not work at all.

How to solve?

Follow this procedure to save a new database. Note that step 1 is different! 

  1. Make sure the native Google Drive app is installed and runs in the background. Do this by opening the Google Drive app first, before you open Artemis.
  2. In Artemis, save a new database copy in Google Drive. The screen switches to a file-browser that should be able (using the top-left menu) to switch to Google Drive destination as well
  3. Save your database on Google Drive

What next?

Some users still report that following the procedure above does not result in a file-browser able to save to Google Drive. We are currently working to solve this problem. Please standbye.....

- ArtemisTeam -