Version 3.23 'Triceratops'

  • Supports Android 4.1 and upwards (dropped 4.0.3).
  • Dynamic background changes.
  • Added Least-square-fit to data graphs.
  • Extra checks for recognizing corrupt database.
  • Swedish translation completed by Arent Grape.
  • Italian translation completed by Maurizio Matteucci.
  • Replaced home-navigation for up-navigation on popular request.
  • Bug fixed in viewing photos linked to match.
  • Bug fixed in analysis of ISA questions.

Version 3.22.1 '¡Diviértete en México!'

  • When creating a round, an entry for practice arrows volume is added automatically.
  • Corrected the IFAA Field and Hunter round to 28 targets with 4 arrows.
  • Removed the Dare-2-dream function when in WA compliant mode.
  • Removed deprecated code constructs, resulted in improved GUI.
  • Changed IAU 25cm, 10/18m scoring rules for crossbow.
  • Small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 3.21 'Rome'

  • Sight advice probe added. Learn how much to adjust your sight from your couch.
  • Bug fixed; Best arrow-subset crash.
  • Bug fixed; Dare2Dream with sight advice crash.

Version 3.20 'Berlin'

  • All new functionality is now translated to German, thanks to Lucas Redecker.
  • Bug fixed; Last value in graph on same day now shown.

Version 3.19 'SLC'

  • Bug in sightsettings graph crash solved

Version 3.18 'Sagitta'

  • Bug fixed; Incorrect tags displayed.
  • Bug fixed; Heartrate tab crash.
  • Bug fixed; Rare crash when switching tabs.
  • Added Crashlytics to improve bug tracking and solving.

Version 3.17 '#1'

  • Revised buttons in main input/plot screen.
  • Internal refactoring of GPS tracker.
  • Sight advice now includes string alignment (see Analysis options).
  • Improved sight settings graph estimation.

Version 3.16 'Kiss'

  • Cropping archer image on Android Nougat fixed.
  • Set-system elimination rounds for recurve now set to 5 ends (instead of the minimum of 3).
  • Crash of preference on tablets with older Android versions (4.X) fixed.
  • PDF generation improved for non-English languages.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.15 'Bienvenue en France'

  • Bug release; stability improvements and bugs solved
  • Dare-2-Dream calculations improved and added sight indication
  • Moved to Joda-Time
  • Bluetooth permissions are added for the upcoming connection to Heartrate sensors that can be used to record heartrate and stress indicators