The 射箭世界杯上海 edition

  • Added: Option to select the scale for the current and previous ends of arrows when drawn on the target face.
  • Added: Archers Skill Level. An accurate model that can be used to compare the archers intrinsic scoring ability independent of distance, target face or number of arrows. The model has been developed by James L. Park (see his 2014 publication 'Modelling archers' scores at different distances to quantify score loss due to equipment selection and technique errors.)
  • Bug solved: The GNAS Worcester round target face was wrong.

Good luck to all Archers participating in the first Outdoor World Cup of 2014 in Shanghai. At ArtemisLite we are cheering for; Rick VAN DER VEN, Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Mick DE BAKKER, Mike SCHLOESSER, Peter ELZINGA, Ruben BLEYENDAAL and Inge VAN CASPEL!