The 'Tir de Beursault' edition has some important new features;

  • Improved filters and added an extra filters for all shots in a (range of) end(s) and all shots in given accuracy range.
  • Improved SAS
  • Improved real-time Sight Advisor and Arrow Advisor
  • Changed the Coordinate Reference System for all shots to be in line with the Archers Skill Level. The comparison of shots on different distances is now even more accurate.
  • Sort order for Bow, Sight, Arrowset, Bowsetup, Match and Round is now; newest on top of list. Thanks Inge Enthoven!
  • In Database options, added option to delete the current database and start with a fresh new database
  • Added an attempt to support Tir de Beursault (traditional French Archery competition). Thanks Eduardo Santos!
  • Updated translation files [Dutch]
  • Solved bug: In Field and IFAA rounds, plotting of shots on different distances used incorrect target distance
  • Solved issues with dates in different timezones

Have a look at the User Manual on the Artemis website (