The v0.9.34 release is nick-named 'Antalya, biz geliyoruz' edition is a bug fix of v0.9.33. A nasty bug was found during spotting of Sjef's record score of 346 at 50m at the Olympic training center Papendal, the Netherlands. Was it a bug? or was the app just as impressed as I was, and simply gave up? Well, it was a bug and a nasty one.

  • Added extra checks to make sure the database stays consistent
  • Good luck to Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Rick VAN DER VEN, Rick VAN DEN OEVER, Peter ELZINGA, Mike SCHLOESSER, Sander DOLDERMAN, Inge VAN CASPEL, Irina MARKOVIC, Inge ENTHOVEN, and Ron VAN DER HOFF, Ralf VAN DER RIJST, and to myself Marcel VAN APELDOORN in Antalya!