The 'Let's get ready to rumble..' release.

Based on an idea of Ron van der Hoff, shot timing has been added. This enables a coach/trainer to time each shot. The stopwatch button (on the bottom right of the screen) needs to be enabled in the option menu of the TargetInput screen. When the archers lifts the bowarm, clicking on the stopwatch will start a timer (in seconds including 1/10th of seconds). Clicking again (when the archer shoots) will stop the timer. The indicated time will be stored along with the shot parameters. When enabled (in the option of the Scorecard screen), the timing information is shown in the top-left corner of each scoring cell, either in seconds or color-coded with; white on average, green is fast shot and red is a slow shot.

  • Added shot timing
  • Added extra help
  • Position of action buttons now more consistent

As usual, find your copy of ArtemisLite in the Google Play Store