'The French Connection' is the nick-name of the new version v1.6 of ArtemisLite. It has cool new features and a very nasty bug in the Sight Advisor function has been found and solved!

For all Compound friends I have added much more setup and tuning parameters to keep track of. From letoff-weight to launcher blade stiffness, you can store just about anything. And if its not there, just add a free text note to your setup, arrowsets, bows or matches you shoot.

The nick name kinda gives it away; now included is a French translation. Thanks to Eduardo Santos who not only volunteered for the French translation but also did the Portugese translation a few weeks ago.

Also, when clicking on a subtotal in the scorecard, a targetview with only the shots in that particular end will be shown. Something we could have used during our Coach Kim Hyung Tak sessions last week :-)

More freedom in choosing units (metric vs imperial) in different kind of setups

Added a mail function to keep you all up-to-date with news about ArtemisLite

And off-course more bugs have been solved. The by-far nastiest one was a bug in the Sight Advisor function which could have lead to some disastrous advices. Very sorry about that! Is now solved!

Give it a few hours to appear in Google Play

Hope you have fun!!