Version 3.5 'Robin Hood'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the European Outdoor Archery Championships 2016 in Nottingham (the home of Robin Hood). I will see you there!

What's new?

  • Added World Archery 60m Round and Eliminations.
  • RoundTypes dropdown, shows most used rounds on top.
  • When all matches belonging to a Round are (marked) finished, the Round itself is now also marked finished.
  • Changed color of white nocks to improve visual appearance in arrowlist and target face.
  • Code cleanup.

Version 3.4 '生 笑 愛'

What's new?

  • Added intro screens for first time user.
  • Added 3D IBO scoring rules and some (practice) target faces and format
  • Small layout changes for field competitions.
  • Solved bug where you couldn't choose SAS for finished match.
  • Solved bug (classical mistake in binary-search algorithm) in ASL calculation in MatchList, which sometimes over-estimated the ASL, thanks Mitch for shooting 342@70m and pointing this out.

Version 3.3 '生 笑 愛'

What's new?

  • Swedish translation by Arent Grape.
  • Added a Personal Bests button on the Archer main-page
  • Added the Calendar button on the Archer main-page (made it a Premium feature)
  • Added the ISA answers to the calendar view
  • Added option to change first day in calendar
  • Changed the color-picker for customizing colors (in options)
  • Solved bug where rating filter was not available in Group tab on input

Version 3.2 'Happy Easter!'

What's new?

  • Solved bug where upon return to MatchList, a match was still highlighted, but not selected.
  • Solved bug when editing of match in progress, an incorrect distance and target face was shown and saved.
  • Solved bug in Timer; Prepare time of 0 seconds now works as expected (skips prepare).
  • Added (incomplete) Personal Records section in Preference-Info menu.

Version 3.1 'Zihgir'

Zihgir is the Turkish word for the thumb ring used to draw the bow in the Ottoman Empire.

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the World Archery Indoor Championships 2016 in Ankara. See you there!

What's new?

  • New Russian translation, thanks to Irek Z.
  • Started with translation of the HTML help files.
  • Solved bug where match of type volume crashed.
  • Solved bug where IFAA face registered X as 10 points.
  • Solved bug where shot details can not be entered if number of arrows per end exceeds number of ends.

Version 3.0.3 'Orion'

What's new?

  • Initial v3.0 bugs solved.
  • Android 6.0 support.
  • Enter scores on scorecard without the need to plot arrow positions.
  • Faster loading of data.
  • Calendar view (need to turn this on in Experimental settings).
  • Add photos to matches.
  • Solved many bugs and added many improvements "under the hood".

Version 2.11 The 'Happy New Year' Edition

What's new?

  • Icelandic translation available. Thanks to Krissi Einarsson!

Version 2.10 The 'GT' Edition

What's new?

  • Timer countdown now includes the voice of George Tekmitchov! Big thanks to George Tekmitchov for lending his voice and to Andy MacDonald for setting this up and providing the sound files.
  • Added 1/48th and 1/24th elimination rounds to the WA 70m and 50m round, and changed the thumbnail target face for 18m rounds. Thanks to Thomas Rufer for reporting this.
  • Solved a bug when a plot including a stopwatch time is using a ',' due to Locale settings (instead of a '.') and the number is not recognized due to its format. Thanks to Juergen for reporting this.

Version 2.9 The 'Pi' Edition

What's new?

  • Translated to Greek! Thanks to Tolis Moschovas.