Version 2.8.1 The 'Flecha' Edition

What's new?


  • Translated to Brazilian Portugese. Thanks to Ventura Barbeiro.
  • Language updates for Czech from Petr Dolejší and Russian from Dmitry Berezovsky
  • Added a 3-spot multiview.
  • Some minor UI improvements.
  • Added a filter setting 'This week' in the Match-list.
  • Bug in showing individual arrows in Arrow-tab has been solved.
  • Solved a crash in experimental Photo feature.
  • Experimental feature; use your own countdown sounds. A genuine request from Down-Under

2.7 The 'Rio, here we come' Edition

What's new?

  • Added an arrow-counter interface. No more need to memorize your volume training. Just use the electronic counter. Create a volume-only match, click the match and use the counter via the volume buttons or just by clicking on the screen.
  • Added summary (number of X's, 10's and skill level) to scorecard.
  • Added possibility to share (screenshots of) graphs and scorecard.
  • Small improvements in the user interface.
  • Solved bugs (missing dataitems) in several graphs (average, score and skill level).
  • Added an experimental functionality (need to enable it in options first); the possibility to take pictures and relate them to a match and later review them in a gallery. Long press a match to get to the menu options.

2.6 The 'Den lille havfrue' Edition

Den lille havfrue; (Danish) The little mermaid is a fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul and the love of a human prince.

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the World Archery Championships 2015 in Copenhagen. See you there!

  • Archery Timer with some Android Wear integration.
  • User Experience in editing individual shots improved.
  • Solved bug in loading/saving of arrow-filter (all selections are now persistent).
  • Solved crash when loading background images from exotic locations.
  • Solved crash when choosing 1 arrow per end (e.g. Dutch: 25m 1pijl)
  • Some bug fixes

Version 2.5 The 'Egil' Edition

Egil; is a legendary masterly archer from the saga Völundarkviða

  • Added summary of arrow inconsistencies in input-arrows tab.
  • Completed French translation. Thanks to Julien Favaro.
  • Completed Finnish translation. Thanks to Pentti Vikström.
  • Added countdown audio in Russian, Spanish, Czech and Finnish.
  • Added auto-completion to some edit text fields.
  • Improvements in edit shot dialog.
  • Solved minor bugs in Google-maps-section, IANSEO upload and Timer/sound section.
  • Optimizations in code.

Version 2.4, the 'Baku here we go' Edition.

Good luck to all archers competing in the first European Games in Baku!

  • Added summary of arrow inconsistencies in input-arrows tab
  • Added auto-completion to some edit fields
  • Optimizations in code
  • Completed French translation. Thanks to Julien Favaro.

The '上海市' Edition

上海市 (Shanghai), the largest Chinese city by population and host of the first World Archery Outdoor World Cup of 2015

  • Added two new filteritems; filter by target face and filter by total number of arrows shot in match
  • Optimized loading of large amounts of data
  • Different -in-app purchase window and ad-free upgrade is now also possible
  • Solved a bug in saving filter-sets. Unfortunatly, this means that existing filter-sets you may have saved are not available anymore.
  • Textual changes

The 'Жар-пти́ца' Edition

  • Now supports Russian. Thanks to Dmitry Berezovsky
  • Creating/constructing filters in analysis has been simplified a bit.
  • Small changes in some help dialogs
  • The rating filter is now also available on the groups, arrows and multiview target faces.

The 'Commitment' Edition

Commitment; noun, the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

  • Added multi-select to lists; long touch to select, tap to multi-select. The context menu will show the possible actions
  • The volume indicators on the main screen can be customized in Analysis settings
  • Some visual improvements in the Graphs
  • Bug fixes and some extra 'under the hood' improvements

Release 2.0 also known as 'Springtime' 

New fresh interface design

Bug fixes and <b>lots</b> of big and small improvements

Alternate shooting timer

Can be used to upload scores in IANSEO supported competitions (instead of using ISK Score keeper)

Moved development to AndroidStudio

Czech translations