Release 1.29, known as 'Nimes 2015' edition features;

  • Added a daily volume graph
  • Added the number of arrows shot for today, shown on the main record screen on the bottom right
  • Added a menu (long press match) to mark a match as finished (even though not all arrows are shot yet, e.g. for elimination rounds).
  • Added 70m, 50m ad 18m rounds with elimination rounds.
  • The first text line of the notes, is also displayed in the Matchlist
  • The arrow identification buttons have the nock-color as background

The '2015' Edition

On the 31st of December 2014, Artemis has reached 10.000 unique user installs!

  • Solved an annoying bug; Upgrading to coached in some cases didn't work (after payment)
  • Some small bug fixes


The 'Merry X-mas' Edition

  • Added tags. Matches can be tagged with one or more custom tags and in analysis, these tags can be used for filtering.
  • Improved the use of the Shooting Timer;
    • Added countdown voices (turn on in options) in different languages
    • When creating a new match, the time can be set as well
    • Timer is added as tab in the matchinput
    • Timer can be used and operated in other matchinput tabs as small picture-in-picture
    • QR tags are now created including time settings
    • A QR tag generator is available on the Artemis website
  • New translations, some improvements in graphs and solved a few small bugs.

The 'Forza' Edition

  • Some User Experience changes. Added swipe in main menu
  • Supports Google Drive for Cloud backup/restore
  • Option to add match with score only (without plotting)
  • Option to add volume only (number of arrows shot during training)
  • Spanish translation
  • Sight advice is default turned off (to comply with new World Archery regulations). Can be turned on for practice sessions in Options->Advice
  • Added Field target faces as reference in Multiview and Groupview
  • Solved bug in Dare-to-dream when using non-metric distances
  • Lots of bugs and issues

The 'Babelfish' Edition

Artemis(Lite) is featured in an extensive article in the 'Handboogsporter', the magazine of the Archery Association of the Netherlands

  • Added choice in Options-Info to change the default language regardless of the device default language
  • Improved loading of background image, you can now personalize Artemis with your own background image
  • Improved loading of mailing function
  • Improved the language translation system

Want to use ArtemisLite in your native language, and willing to help? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.24 and 1.24.1 The 'Season's Ending' Edition

  • Artemis(Lite) is featured in an extensive article in the 'Handboogsporter', the magazine of the Archery Association of the Netherlands
  • Introduced new and more advanced algorithm for identifying inconsistent arrows (to use in the arrow advisor)
  • Solved bug in Dare-to-Dream
  • Main menu now contains link to Artemis homepage and link to download 90+ pages User Manual
  • On higher resolution screens, no more jumping of the pointer when trying to click the position of an arrow.
  • Solved crash: Clicking on subtotal in scorecard now shows targetface with arrows of that end again.
  • Requested by a Russian Crossbow shooter: added functionality for crossbow usage
    • Added bowtypes: Sport Crossbow and Target Crossbow
    • Added crossbow target faces and match types
    • Added special scoring rules for 10m 25cm target shooting
    • For each bolt (=arrow) shot, besides bolt identification, the exact rotation of the bolt on the track/guide can be recorded as well.
    • This bolt rotation (1,2 or 3) has been introduced in the Arrow filter as well. This makes it possible to do tuning analysis for crossbows
  • Work in progress on translation in other languages
  • Minor improvements in filters.
  • Kings of Archery round is actually 90 arrows instead of 60
  • Cosmetic improvements.

The 'Hayk' edition;

  • Re-implemented the Graph section of Analysis. Not much for the ordinary user has changed, but this change was required to get more and more interesting graphs up and running.

The 'GoogleMap' edition;

  • Added GPS support. With every end/target, the location is stored as well. Matches and ends can be viewed afterwards on a GoogleMap.
  • Solved a crash when selecting group/arrows in Match input with a minimum rating greater than zero.
  • Minor updates and bugfixes. 

The 'Mockingjay' edition has some important new features;

  • Bluetooth and GPS are now optional. This increased the number of supported devices from 3946 to 4381. So owners of more than 400 extra Android devices can now use ArtemisLite/Premium
  • Updated the German translation files. Thanks again to my German friend