The 'Tir de Beursault' edition has some important new features;

  • Improved filters and added an extra filters for all shots in a (range of) end(s) and all shots in given accuracy range.
  • Improved SAS
  • Improved real-time Sight Advisor and Arrow Advisor
  • Changed the Coordinate Reference System for all shots to be in line with the Archers Skill Level. The comparison of shots on different distances is now even more accurate.
  • Sort order for Bow, Sight, Arrowset, Bowsetup, Match and Round is now; newest on top of list. Thanks Inge Enthoven!
  • In Database options, added option to delete the current database and start with a fresh new database
  • Added an attempt to support Tir de Beursault (traditional French Archery competition). Thanks Eduardo Santos!
  • Updated translation files [Dutch]
  • Solved bug: In Field and IFAA rounds, plotting of shots on different distances used incorrect target distance
  • Solved issues with dates in different timezones

Have a look at the User Manual on the Artemis website (

The 射箭世界杯上海 edition

  • Added: Option to select the scale for the current and previous ends of arrows when drawn on the target face.
  • Added: Archers Skill Level. An accurate model that can be used to compare the archers intrinsic scoring ability independent of distance, target face or number of arrows. The model has been developed by James L. Park (see his 2014 publication 'Modelling archers' scores at different distances to quantify score loss due to equipment selection and technique errors.)
  • Bug solved: The GNAS Worcester round target face was wrong.

Good luck to all Archers participating in the first Outdoor World Cup of 2014 in Shanghai. At ArtemisLite we are cheering for; Rick VAN DER VEN, Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Mick DE BAKKER, Mike SCHLOESSER, Peter ELZINGA, Ruben BLEYENDAAL and Inge VAN CASPEL!

The "Colors everywhere..." edition has some cool new features:

  • Options to customize the colors
  • The grouping of the current end can be displayed in the target input interface (use Options to turn on this feature)
  • Arrow filter now supports subsets of arrows
  • A number called 'Group Quality' is introduced, so you can compare groups numerically instead of y visual inspection
  • App can now be moved to SD card as well
  • Timer service is killed when unused

The "Yeehaah, outdoor season is here..." edition, features some extra filter items in the scatterplot and some bugfixes. One of the more annoying ones was a consistent crash when returning from Analysis, this has been fixed.

So off we go to the World Archery Indoor Championships in Nimes, France. Hence the edition is called "Nimes 2014" edition. Oddly enough, the new feature is the addition of IFAA Indoor 5 ring and 2 ring target faces. And some (spurious) bugs have been solved.

Good luck to all Archers participating in the Indoor World Championships 2014 in Nimes, France. At ArtemisLite we are cheering for; Rick VAN DER VEN, Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Rick VAN DEN OEVER, Mike SCHLOESSER, Peter ELZINGA, Ruben BLEYENDAAL, Inge VAN CASPEL en Jan VAN TONGEREN!

The "Remote" edition. My latest experiment is to remotely operate the Archery Timer. It is still work in progress, but you should be able to connect your mobile device running ArtemisLite via Bluetooth to another mobile device (e.g. a tablet) also running ArtemisLite and then remotely operate the Archery Timer.

Solved a spurious bug in event handling

And... included some unintrusive advertisements through AdMod. Eventhough the ArtemisLite app is free software and remains free software, the development and service of the App does cost time and money. Placing some advertisements will generate some pocket money. If you want to really support me as a developer, upgrade to Premium and you'll get a lot of extra features, without the advertisements.

Just for fun and good-ol-times I've added the Vangelis introduction music to the start of the Archery Timer (Thanks to Sietske for the idea...). No wonder this release is called "Remember F2F"

This edition is nick-named; "Form is everything" edition. Why? Because it features a new tab with a new menu item called "Form changes" and a new filter item named "Form changes" as well. This new functionality lets you record all kinds of changes that you as an archer make. These changes can be technical or form changes, preparation changes, clothing/footwear changes, nutrition, etc. Later on, you can compare your performance in a before / after comparison to see if these change have made you a better archer.

Release v1.11, also known as the 'Dare-2-Dream...' edition includes new Dare-2-Dream functionality. In the Match view (Group tab) there is a menu item called 'Dare2Dream' which will compute the theoretical score you would have had if the group was positioned better. I.e. this might indicate that you could be more efficient in setting your sight correctly. Also added the possibility to start/stop timer with external hardware keyboard (e.g. bluetooth keyboard). Added Australian rounds and some small user interface issues have been solved. Also the screen no longer has a time-out when timer is active.