Release v1.10, also known as the 'Analysis is part of Archery...' edition includes user created filters that can be saved and loaded. It also features some preset filters asl well. The User Experience has been improved by speeding up switching between tabs and some minor bugs have been solved.

Release v1.9, also known as the 'Bogensport...' edition includes a German translation, thanks to Kamil Nowok. It has an added shooting timer (so no need for third party shooting timers anymore). There has been some improvements on the Analysis side; a weather filter is available from now on. Some preparation for custom loading and saving of filters is in progress (of which more is to come in next releases).

Solved a few bugs; a.o. a crash due to uninitialized arrows in the Arrow Advisor and a sanity check on correct arrow diameters.

Release v1.8, also known as the 'What next..' edition includes added extra possibilities for plotting scores (Premium feature); You can now plot your complete rounds; e.g. 18m 60arrow rounds, 1440 rounds, etc. It also has a new plot type, the Pie chart. Plot the distribution of your shots in a pie charts (e.g. plot your entire last outdoor-season in a single pie chart indicating percentage of X's, 10's, 9's etc.). And some minor bugs and typos in helpfiles have been fixed.

Version v1.7 also known as the 'Italian Style..' edition is released

It now supports Italian translation, thanks to Gabriele Giovine!

Solved bug: The accuracy indicator introduced in v1.4 is not always correct (run the database repair function in Options->Database->Repair)

Solved bug: Copying a bowsetup (and possibly a Bow/Sight/Arrow) sometimes resulted in a crash

Good shooting!

'The French Connection' is the nick-name of the new version v1.6 of ArtemisLite. It has cool new features and a very nasty bug in the Sight Advisor function has been found and solved!

For all Compound friends I have added much more setup and tuning parameters to keep track of. From letoff-weight to launcher blade stiffness, you can store just about anything. And if its not there, just add a free text note to your setup, arrowsets, bows or matches you shoot.

The nick name kinda gives it away; now included is a French translation. Thanks to Eduardo Santos who not only volunteered for the French translation but also did the Portugese translation a few weeks ago.

Also, when clicking on a subtotal in the scorecard, a targetview with only the shots in that particular end will be shown. Something we could have used during our Coach Kim Hyung Tak sessions last week :-)

More freedom in choosing units (metric vs imperial) in different kind of setups

Added a mail function to keep you all up-to-date with news about ArtemisLite

And off-course more bugs have been solved. The by-far nastiest one was a bug in the Sight Advisor function which could have lead to some disastrous advices. Very sorry about that! Is now solved!

Give it a few hours to appear in Google Play

Hope you have fun!!

The 'Binnen schot blijven..' edition

The 4-View analysis now supports 2, 4 and 6 individual views and has become a Multi-View

And more bugs have been solved

v1.4 The 'Its only 10Bft, but I like it' edition.

  • Added more than 70 different rounds, see What rounds does ArtemisLite support?
  • Added meteo information for each Match (weather, wind and wind direction)
  • Upgraded the database to include meteo information like general weather, wind and wind direction
  • Deleting rounds now also deletes linked matches
  • Added an accuracy indication on the scorecard, the matchlist and the accuracy graphs. This indicates the average error in mm per meter arrow flight.
  • Some bug fixes and UI improvements

v1.3 The 'a edição portuguesa' edition.

  • Added Portugese translation, thanks to Eduardo Santos
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Google updated its in-app billing sample for an exploitable security flaw, updated app accordingly
  • Added app crash data collector to improve user experience

v1.2 The 'And that makes 4' edition.


  • Improved edit of possible liners and rating in scorecard
  • Added QR tag support
  • Dutch language
  • Preparing for other multi-language support
  • Code and preference cleanup

CONGRATULATIONS Junior World Championships Bronze medallists Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Mitch DIELEMANS and Jesher APPELS.