A few new releases: v1.1.1, v1.1.2 and v1.1.3, all called the '1x Gold and 2x Silver' edition, features;

  • Premium feature: Added a Sight Setting Calculator capable of computing sight elevation based on three known distances
  • Premium feature: Added Sjef's Arrow Selector capable of computing your best performing arrows
  • Changed name of FITA round to 1440 round as decided by latest WorldArchery congres
  • Added new World Archery rounds: 1440 rounds for men, women, junior, cadet in all 6 ends of 6 or (short distances) 12 ends of 3
  • Added new rounds: Metric II, III, IV and V
  • Added new GNAS Imperial rounds: York, Hereford, St George, Albion and Windsor
  • Added Kadet, Mikro and Mini indoor and outdoor rounds
  • Added a few more help files
  • Bug fixing


After more than 2 years of hard work, I am very proud to announce the release of version 1.0 which I call the 'World Championships 2013' edition.

The last BETA release is called; the 'World Cup Finals 2013' release and features a nice drawing of the Eiffel Tower, and also:

  • You can now adjust the score up/down in the scorecard for all ends (not only the current end). When you have entered a liner, you can now change the value of a shot (AND the position of the shot will be moved accordingly!)
  • Use Dropbox account to backup/restore your database and share snapshots of your database with others
  • Added filter to analyze shot order (e.g. 1st shot vs. 2nd shot).
  • Share your rounds.
  • SightSettings (in main record tab) have been disabled because the functionality was not up to the same standards as the rest of the App. They can be enabled in Experimental settings.
  • Bugfixes in matchlist filters and analysis filters

This will be the last BETA release!

The "Witamy w Polsce" edition. Let's go to Poland! Just before driving off to the World Cup in Wroclaw, this release sports;

  • Added rounds (to collect several distances into a single round (e.g. FITA round).
  • Improved (reference) face and distance selection in new matches, field rounds and analysis
  • Some improvements in new match creation.
  • Bugfix in filtering quivers.

Good luck to all archers the next few days in Wroclaw Poland, see you all there!!!!

This release is nick-named "The Holiday" edition and the last edition before I went on holiday :-) It has a lot of nice little features

  • Generic recurve and compound setup added to database (new users may start using without first entering a lot of data).
  • Database management (your can give your databases specific names; usefull for e.g. coaches).
  • Bare shafts are not added to the sight advisor.
  • Possible to copy existing setup/quiver/bow/sight.
  • When first time in several windows, some help is provided.
  • Sjef's Arrow Selector tool must now first be enabled in Experimental Settings.
  • When in new Match, selecting different setup would reset target face and distance (annoying).

The 'Medellin' edition is more like a bug-fix release than anything else

  • Loading of data from the SQLite database has been reworked and should solve some nasty (hard to reproduce) bugs.
  • Small changes in filters.
  • Added Dutch translation of filters and preferences.
  • Added broken attribute to arrow.

This release is nick-named "The day after..." and refers to the day after the Dutch Outdoor Championships. This release features

  • Bug fixing, some people who have contacted me privately or via FB have their bugs fixed in this release.
  • New (and better working) graphs
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Sjef's Elimination Round Arrow Selector, see FB

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to all winners of the Dutch National Championships

The 'Let's get ready to rumble..' release.

Based on an idea of Ron van der Hoff, shot timing has been added. This enables a coach/trainer to time each shot. The stopwatch button (on the bottom right of the screen) needs to be enabled in the option menu of the TargetInput screen. When the archers lifts the bowarm, clicking on the stopwatch will start a timer (in seconds including 1/10th of seconds). Clicking again (when the archer shoots) will stop the timer. The indicated time will be stored along with the shot parameters. When enabled (in the option of the Scorecard screen), the timing information is shown in the top-left corner of each scoring cell, either in seconds or color-coded with; white on average, green is fast shot and red is a slow shot.

  • Added shot timing
  • Added extra help
  • Position of action buttons now more consistent

As usual, find your copy of ArtemisLite in the Google Play Store

The 'Back from Antalya' release.

ArtemisLite was put to a field test by the Dutch team during the WorldCup in Antalya. It proved to be valuable during competition and after competition in the analysis of grouping trends. One missing feature however was the fact that, once entered, you cannot move an existing shot in case e.g. a line-cutter was awarded. Now you can!

  • You can now edit (move) an already entered shot.
  • You can increase the number of series for a Match (finished or in progress).

As usual, find your copy of ArtemisLite in the Google Play Store