The v0.9.34 release is nick-named 'Antalya, biz geliyoruz' edition is a bug fix of v0.9.33. A nasty bug was found during spotting of Sjef's record score of 346 at 50m at the Olympic training center Papendal, the Netherlands. Was it a bug? or was the app just as impressed as I was, and simply gave up? Well, it was a bug and a nasty one.

  • Added extra checks to make sure the database stays consistent
  • Good luck to Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Rick VAN DER VEN, Rick VAN DEN OEVER, Peter ELZINGA, Mike SCHLOESSER, Sander DOLDERMAN, Inge VAN CASPEL, Irina MARKOVIC, Inge ENTHOVEN, and Ron VAN DER HOFF, Ralf VAN DER RIJST, and to myself Marcel VAN APELDOORN in Antalya!

The v0.9.33 release is nick-named 'Antalya, biz geliyoruz' edition, and features

  • New filter in matchlist
  • New match type in setting up a match. The match type 'training' lets you pick all faces at all distances.
  • New IFAA and EFAA target faces and scoring (but not yet on Yards, you still need to pick meters)
  • Again some bug fixes here and there...

The v0.9.32 special release, nick-named 'Yet another Wolfgang edition', has;

  • The reference target can be chosen! The analysis 4-view and group view were kind of 'difficult' to understand. The selection of shots was always shown on a reference target (which was by default a 40cm 18m target). Now you get a requestor to select a reference target.
  • The title of the 4-view and group-view now displays the reference target face and distance
  • The group view can now display the indivual datapoints as well (but needs to be enabled in the selection dialog)
  • Some preliminary work on graphs (they will become much more flexible and you can exchange graphs in the future.. exciting stuff)

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In the v0.9.30 release, eventhough field competition is added, this release is still nick-named 'The WC Shanghai edition continues'.

  • Added the possibility for a field competition (each end on a different target at a different distance).
  • Clean-up of options and settings.
  • Small improvement in sight/arrow advisors.

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In the v0.9.31 release still nick-named 'The WC Shanghai edition continues', is added;

  • Bug fixes (some recent crashes from v0.9.30 have been solved)
  • Dutch language support.

Looking for people who like to help me with translating to German, French, Italian and Spanish!

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In the v0.9.29 release, the use of the sight advice has been improved, and since the outdoor World Cup season has started, this release is nick-named 'The WC Shanghai edition'.

  • The rating filter in match input and group/analysis evaluation is now how I want it to be. A small menu-bar item indicating if a rating filter is applied or not.
  • Improved the Sight Advisor's calculations
  • Again solved one or two bugs.
  • Added a small icon (a green sightpin) in the Scorecard to indicate when you have accepted a sight advice, and from where on the Sight Advisor needs to re-evaluate its advice.
  • Good luck to Sjef VAN DEN BERG, Rick VAN DER VEN, Rick VAN DEN OEVER, Peter ELZINGA, Ruben BLEYENDAAL, Inge VAN CASPEL and Ron VAN DER HOFF in Shanghai.

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ArtemisLite has undergone some testing by archers from the Dutch National Team at the National Sports Centre Papendal. This edition, 'The-CTO-Special-Edition', features some of their early ideas and requests.

  • Database backup/restore is now available in Options - Database Management. You can create a date and time-stamped backup of your database and restore older databases. The database is stored on SD-card in the folder ArtemisLite/Backup, so you could even import other peoples database. It is strongly adviced to backup your database regularly.
  • Added extra option in Match-Input to filter out shots with a too low rating. In the Input -> Groups tab there is an option menu item to set the minimum rating value to take shots into account in the group or arrow advice. With this option, your sight and arrow advice will not get biased after a faulty shot.
  • Added the option (in Match input options) to hide/show the previous ends of arrows whilst recording. This will unclutter the target face somewhat, making recording of your end much easier.
  • When inputting arrows, the arrows of the current end are displayed with twice the size to be more visible. This will become an option in later versions.
  • Can now filter shots by rating in all group views
  • Improved layout of filters
  • Solved some bugs in filters
  • Changed color of input pointer to be more visible
  • Changed color of rating in scorecard

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Just released v0.9.26 aka the "The-Dutch-King's-Inauguration-day-edition", this version has some special features which are helpful if you want to use the app for spotting different archers at the same time;

  • Bowsetup-name is shown bold in the match-list and is used as title in the match-input or record screen.
  • The sorting options of the match-list are now persistent over sessions (i.e. the sorting you choose will be used next time you enter the screen)
  • The match-list has an option to show/hide all matches that are finished
  • The match-list has an option to show/hide all matches that are in progress

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This new version now features;

  • Matches can be shot in Training or Competition setting. We all know that most of us perform different in competition than we do in training. So this setting can be used to analyse that difference. (The filter itself is not implemented yet, but at least you can differentiate when recording matches).
  • The Bowsetup-name is now also displayed in the Match-list. This has been a special request by a National coach who wants to spot several archers at the same time
  • The sight advice can be acknowledged. Will be explained in the documentation why this is important

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