Version 3.14 'Pi'

  • Ask for default bowsetup and arrowset.
  • Small usability improvements.
  • Added EventBus event processing.
  • Solved crash when sharing round.
  • Solved crash when changing number of clusters.
  • Solved bug in 80cm 5 ring target face.

Version 3.13 'New challenges'

  • Improved liner scoring.
  • Improved target face graphics.
  • Added Beiter Hit-Miss target face.
  • Bug fixes.
  • ASA 3D target face added.

Version 3.12 'X-mas 2017'

  • ASA 3D target face added.
  • Archer selfie can be picked from gallery as well from camera.
  • French and Spanish translations are updated and complete.
  • (Un)subscribe to news and new-release notifications.
  • Migrated to Firebase Analytics.
  • Solved initial bugs detected by Firebase Analytics.
  • Archers credentials are now required in database.

Version 3.11 'Kings Of Archery 2016'

  • Archers credentials are now required in database.
  • Archer can set profile picture.
  • Sharing of match (not round) now produces PDF scorecard.
  • Sight extension hole in bowsetup and sightsettings.
  • Added a training-scan (coached) to find early indications of over-training. See manual for further information.
  • Rate this app on Google Play.
  • Migrated to Glide image loading.

Version 3.10 'Odense'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the Worldcup Final 2016 in Odense. In particular our Dutchies (and Artemis-users) Sjef van de Berg, Mike Schloesser and Inge van Caspel.

What's new?

  • Added a new filter which applies to all sub-filters. Read all about filters here.
  • Saving and restoring filter combinations are now saved/restored from Artemis database (and can thus be backed-up).
  • Migrated from AndroidPlot library to AndroidMPCharts. It shows better graphs, and includes nice animations.
  • Bug solved when saving sight settings without windage value would crash.
  • Small improvements on Help dialogs.

Version 3.9 'More Rio 2016'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games!

What's new?

  • Added Best Arrows Selection for competition.
  • Small changes in ArrowSet layout.
  • Small improvements in Shot-edit dialog.
  • Improved the various golds, 10s, 6s, 5s and Xs count in the scorecard.
  • Overflow menu now also shows menu-icons.
  • Solved bug in alternate shooting timer.
  • Solved bug in creating new round (did not use default bowsetup/arrowset).

Version 3.8 'Rio 2016'

GOOD LUCK!!!! To all archers competing in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio!

What's new?

  • French translation files improved and completed.
  • Personal Best extended to all rounds and much improved layout.
  • Personal Best lists highest practice vs competition scores.
  • New round now selects default Bowsetup and Arrowset.
  • Changed permissions of location updates.
  • Added database maintenance TOO_MANY_SERIES_IN_MATCH in database options (to solve bug when opening matches in matchlist crashes Artemis).

Version 3.7 'The cards have been dealt'

What's new?

  • Sight advisor is now always turned off when in competition and World Archery rules apply (whatever the setting is in options).
  • In Matchinput, the group tab now has buttons to scroll through the individual ends.
  • Solved a bug in tags (some combinations of IS and IS NOT tags did not select the correct shots).
  • When adding a match to a round, the roundlist is now displayed by date, most recent on top.
  • Solved bug where labels in graphs were not shown.
  • Added Royal Belgian Archery rounds 2x25m and 50m-30m round.
  • Some small bugs resolved.

Version 3.6 'Hit the yellow part'

What's new?

  • Updated entry/creation of rounds.
  • Indication of running timer in title bar of matchinput.
  • Small layoutchange in scorecard pull up/down button.
  • Improved GNAS imperial target.
  • Added reference coordinate axis system for analysis.